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Allied Telecoms is helping North America's wireless carriers meet the ever-increasing demands for higher bandwidth at lower cost. Our world-class team of professionals provides turnkey solutions for the design, implementation, and maintenance of wireless backhaul infrastructure.

With expertise in microwave, fiber, site development, installation and maintenance, we design, deploy and maintain large-scale broadband networks for Tier 1 wireless service providers. Our integrated, multi-discipline approach promotes measurable efficiencies. Through AT's combined offerings our customers reach milestones more quickly and receive higher quality service at a lower cost. Our company Vision, Mission, and Core Values provide a compass for AT employees to offer exceptional customer service and care.


Our vision is to be seen by the telecommunications industry as one of the definitive brands that is supporting wireless broadband, with our focus on the design, implementation and support of cost effective solutions for wireless backhaul.

We are constantly listening to the needs of our customers so we can provide innovative appropriate technology in the speediest possible manner at the best possible value to meet your business goals.


The AT team is constantly working to provide its personnel with best in class support, resources and training so they can continue to add value to our customers.